<!--:en-->What would it look like if you were fully expressed?<!--:--><!--:fr-->À quoi ressemblerait votre vie si vous pourriez vous exprimer pleinement?<!--:-->

Happiness, Love, Confidence and Beauty

All timeless topics everyone crave since the beginning of time. Like a hummingbird flies gracefully through the air from flower to flowering tree, you too, will master the art of exquisite living. As you heal your soul and expand your self-awareness, the natural balance of the world shines through. The hummingbird opens hearts and endures for a long journey. They are a symbol of accomplishing that which seems impossible as you will too once you become one with your authentic self with Jennifer Daure.

My Approach

I believe in people’s potential and their ability to achieve their goals and dreams.

We all have a tendency to be comfortable in a less than satisfying life situation simply because we fear the unknown. …(Read More)

What is Coaching?

What is natural for you?

Did you know that you were naturally creative and resourceful?

Coaching consists in supporting people to create fulfilling and lasting results in their personal and …(Read More)


“Dear Jennifer,
I would like to thank you for coaching me. You helped me find myself again, get empowered, trust and love myself again. I am more confident and I feel on top of the world, like I can do and have anything I want …(Read More)

About Jennifer Daure

With a positive outlook on life, paired with her desire to make a difference in people’s lives, Jennifer Daure works with groups and individuals from around the world to honor their inner voice and to support creating fulfilling and lasting results on a professional and personal level.
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